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Allied Military Nissen / Quonset Hut  (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.


This listing is for 1 Hut (No Figures included)


"The Nissen hut went into production. During the First World War 100,000 were made.

The invention was patented in the UK in 1916. Canada, the United States, Australia, and South Africa later took out patents. Nissen got his royalties from the UK government and not the huts that were made for the war. After the war that huts were sold and he got his money. He received around £13,000 and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order or DSO.


There wasn’t a lot of them built between the wars but the construction ramped up again in 1939 with over 150,000 more being built. The patent rights were waved for producing them for World War II. There were other huts built that were similar to the Nissen such as the Quonset Hut in the United States and the Romney hut in the UK. Nissen huts were used to accommodate soldiers, as bomb storage warehouses, and even as churches. Life in the huts wasn’t that great as they could get quite hot in the wartime theatres such as Africa and the Middle East. In Asia, the huts were often humid and stuffy. After WWII in the UK, many of the huts were used for industry or agricultural purposes. In Australia, they were used to house migrants. For post-war British families


Military Nissen / Quonset Hut (N Scale Gauge)

  • Detailed resin models that have been hand finished ready for your layout.

    No gluing or painting required.

    (Please allow for slight variations in paint/finish)

    Detailed scale models for collectors – Not for children

    (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.

  • Unless specified - figures & background sceneary are not included, they are for representation of a scene. 

    However models that state "with operator/driver/figure" do come with the figure shown fixed within the model.


    Any questions please ask!

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