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X2 (Pair of) Oil Pump Station "Nodding Donkey / Pump Jack" (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.
A fantastic backdrop for any model railway. A When first introduced, the counter-balance pumpjack’s ungainly appearance was mocked and ridiculed. But since the late 1800s, they’ve reliably delivered the oil that powered nations around the world.

The pumpjack is known as: nodding donkey, horse-head, thirsty bird, rocking horse, beam pump, grasshopper and other colourful names.

'These typically pump anywhere between 4-50 Litres in a single stroke depending on the size of the station. Some stations were small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck, other larger designs weighed over 15ton'


X2 Oil Pump Jack Nodding Donkey N Scale Gauge