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The Dutch Model Railway Days Exhibit 2023

Winning diorama scene N Gauge N scale Model.jpg

Paul reached out to us last year, with news on his up and coming diorama competition that was to be held at The Dutch Model Railway Days Exhibit. His final piece here shown is called "Three Bridges London" referring to the railway, canal and road crossing near Southall West-London.

The magnificent piece pictured here was all done within the confinements of an A5 size piece of paper! (5.8x8.3 inch).

Paul has mentioned the competition "all started years ago with A4, then A5…. A6(!) and next year (Jan 2024) its an A4 again".

The models he featured can be found on our site:

  • Canal Steamer Barge

  • Steam Wagon

  • Horse & Cart


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Three Bridges, is a three-level crossing of bridges near Hanwell in west LondonUnited Kingdom.

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the bridges are a clever arrangement allowing the routes of the Grand Junction CanalGreat Western and Brentford Railway, and Windmill Lane to cross each other: road above canal above railway.


Three Bridges

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Model Railway oh scale oo gauge.jpg

This stretch was built in 1794 but just 50 years later canals were becoming outdated. Railways were even faster and could carry greater loads. Journeys that took days were reduced to hours. But why did Brunel put the railway under the canal?

  • One reason was costs; construction took 3 years but avoided the huge expense of re-routing the canal and road.

  • Trains also run fastest on level direct routes, so the lie of the land was important. The canal had already plotted a direct route to London - so the railway followed it where possible.

The project was Brunel's last to be finished before he died on 15 September 1859...

Work began in 1856, and was completed in 1859.

If you would like to get in touch with ideas or share photo's of your layouts. Please use the contact details bellow and we will get back to you.

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