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We are picking 3 winners this year, for the best photos of our models in action!


1) Our model must be part of the main image of the photo

2) Close up or low level images only -use our photos in our catalogue for ideas of how we take photos! (Its easier to place your phone / camera at  low level - almost like a person walking within your layout)

3) Clear and in focus photos only

That is all!

Oh and finally if you are happy for us to use/publish your photo on our website

(You'll be famous within the N Gauge Community worldwide) (Name doesn't have to be uploaded if don't wish)

Please email or send photos on here or to

  • Winners will be announced before Christmas!

  • We will pick 3 winners, not just 1! 

  • Send as many pictures as you wish, we will pick the best out the bunch 

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