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Early farm tractor - With Baler & 'Stack of Bales & Farmer Joe Figure included'  (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.


3 small models in 1! 


We will soon be releasing a 'bale pack' which will include a variety of stacked bales for your scene, which will complement this model.

Before the 19th century, hay was cut by hand and most typically stored in haystacks using hay forks to rake and gather the scythed grasses into optimal sized heaps – neither too large, promoting conditions favourable for spontaneous combustion, nor too small, which would mean much of the pile is susceptible to rotting. These haystacks lifted most of the plant fibres up off the ground, letting air in and water drain out, so the grasses could dry and cure, to retain nutrition for livestock feed at a later time.

In the 1860s, mechanical cutting devices were developed; from these came the modern devices including mechanical mowers and balers. In 1872, a reaper that used a knotter device to bundle and bind hay was invented by Charles Withington; this was commercialized in 1874 by Cyrus McCormick. In 1936, Innes invented an automatic baler that tied bales with twine using Appleby-type knotters from a John Deere grain binder."



Other variations available in other listings.


(Other Scrapyard models available in other listings) 


Farm Tractor Hay Baler (N Scale Gauge Model)

  • Technical

    Detailed resin models that have been hand finished ready for your layout.

    No gluing or painting required.

    (Please allow for slight variations in paint/finish)

    Detailed scale models for collectors – Not for children

    (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.

  • Unless specified - figures & background sceneary are not included, they are for representation of a scene. 

    However models that state "with operator/driver/figure" do come with the figure shown fixed within the model.


    Any questions please ask!

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