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Factory Beam Engine


A beam engine is a type of steam engine, where a pivoted overhead beam is used to apply the force from a vertical piston to a vertical con-rod. This configuration, with the engine directly driving a pump, was first used in 1705 to remove water from mines in Cornwall. 

The efficiency of the engines was improved by engineers including the likes of James Watt. 

Beam engines were first used to pump water out of mines or into canals but could be used to pump water to supplement the flow for a waterwheel powering a mill.


This is a larger size beam engine (look at the figures as a reference).


Slightly rusted and weathered.
Add that finer detail to your layout. 


(N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale


Victorian Factory Beam Engine (N Scale Gauge)

  • Detailed resin models that have been hand finished ready for your layout.

    No gluing or painting required.

    (Please allow for slight variations in paint/finish)

    Detailed scale models for collectors – Not for children

    (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.

  • Unless specified - figures & background sceneary are not included, they are for representation of a scene. 

    However models that state "with operator/driver/figure" do come with the figure shown fixed within the model.


    Any questions please ask!

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