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WW1 & WW2 Horse & Cart Ammo Carriage ( (N Scale Gauge Model)
British WW1 / WW2 Horse & Cart (With Soldiers)  
"By 1917, the Army employed over 368,000 horses on the Western Front. The vast majority of these were draught or pack animals rather than cavalry horses. The Army’s Remount Department spent £67.5 million (about £3 billion in today’s money) purchasing, training and delivering horses and mules to the front. There were not enough horses in Britain that were fit for Army service, so large numbers had to be brought from abroad. Canada, for example, sent about 130,000 horses."

WW1 & WW2 Horse & Cart Ammo Carriage & Soldiers ( (N Scale Gauge Model)

  • Detailed resin models that have been hand finished ready for your layout.

    No gluing or painting required.

    (Please allow for slight variations in paint/finish)

    Detailed scale models for collectors – Not for children

    (N Gauge / Scale) 1:148 scale.

  • Unless specified - figures & background sceneary are not included, they are for representation of a scene. 

    However models that state "with operator/driver/figure" do come with the figure shown fixed within the model.


    Any questions please ask!

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